The Center for Solar Energy
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Our Mission

To discover and champion innovative solar technologies made and developed in the United States.

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The Program

In 1995, the U.S. controlled 60% of the world solar market. Today that has dropped to 7%. The Center for Solar Energy in collaboration with Texas A&M University-Central Texas is committed to reversing that trend -- to fostering growth in America's renewable energy industry through a model that supports, develops and ultimately launches emergent photovoltaic technologies.

Through our Technology Innovation and Business Accelerator Program, promising solar technologies will have access to unparalleled faculty support, demonstration sites, manufacturing capabilities and business advice. Through our incubation program, CSE will ensure innovative and disruptive technologies are able to reach the market in record time and help America meet its economic and environmental goals.

Through the National Photovoltaic Innovation Competition, the Junior Innovation Competition and cutting edge educational programs, CSE encourages and supports continued innovation in the field of photovoltaics and renewable energy.

Too many great technologies fail to reach the marketplace because they cannot secure preliminary funding or their inventors get lost in launching their businesses.